How does coaching work?

Life coaching brings your life from functional to optimal, by examining what’s getting in the way of your fulfillment. Unlike therapy, we don’t focus on past trauma, choosing instead to look ahead and strive to meet your goals. Unlike a teacher or consultant, who brings expertise to fix a problem, coaching enables you to find unique solutions to your challenges. You are your best expert! I facilitate and guide the process. I combine a PhD in the anthropology of communication with training as a life coach, specializing in relationship and intimacy coaching.

Many people struggle with getting their needs met. I help individuals who seek to understand their needs or who desire personal growth. I also coach couples in taking active steps to recognize their needs and improve communication. This allows people to get what they need from their partners either intimately or emotionally. I can help anyone who wants greater fulfillment in an existing relationship. Couples with a mismatch of needs or erotic interests or who speak different love languages may particularly benefit.

Often all that stands in the way of your own development is you! Life coaching looks at patterns hindering our success and raises energy levels for fulfillment.

Who do you coach?

I coach adults of all descriptions: individuals, couples, or poly groups. All genders and sexual orientations are welcome. I have an extensive academic background in queer theory, LGBTQIA+ studies, and alternative lifestyles, so this is a judgment-free zone where personal exploration is welcomed and encouraged. If you are coming to me for a relationship issue, you are welcome to see me independently of your partner. You can experience significant growth working with me solo, and bring those lessons home to benefit your relationship.

Do you only coach on relationship topics?

Not at all! I have experience helping people manage health and fitness, achieve weight loss, communicate more effectively with their coworkers, improve workplace productivity, manage stress, and more. The skills of a good coach can be applied across the board to any issues you may be facing, helping you achieve success in the areas of your life that may currently be a struggle.